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Payments to be done to:-
T Events Banking Details:
L Viljoen
626 197 725 95
FNB 250053

The format for this event is simple, participants compete against the clock to ride as many laps as possible on a + - 10km lap route within 8 hours in a team capacity..
[3x Men] [3x Ladies] [2x Men & 1x Lady] [2 Ladies & 1x Men] [3x Scholars boys or girls]

This event is designed to accommodate all with a social flowing route, with an unlimited 32Gi supplement & “Just Water” water table at the cross-over point as well as coffee station for participants. There will be a “OHMS” Lunch table from 16:00-18:00 and then a Panarotti’s Pizza per rider for Supper from 19:00 – 22:00.
The venue has toilet facilities & drinking water on premises and will be selling food & refreshments until 22:30 in the evening. Cyclists will be required to bring their own equipment, gazebo’s, lights, chairs and additional meals.

01 Oct – 05 Oct         EARLY BIRD ENTRY     -10% discount if paid by 5 OCT eft
06 Oct – 10 Oct         SEMI EARLY BIRD ENTRY        -5% discount if paid by 10 OCT eft
11 Oct – 20 Oct         NORMAL RATE
21 Oct – 23 Oct         Normal Rate +10%
23 Oct            ENTRIES CLOSE
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